LUT University promotes the recycling of construction and demolition waste plastics

Execution time 2023-2029

The objective of LUT University is to promote the recycling of construction and demolition plastics. The aim is to increase knowledge of the availability and properties of these materials at the various stages of construction and demolition.

In addition, we develop scalable machinery systems and pilot the recycling of construction and demolition plastic with the aim of producing several pilot products. The processes are supported by an environmental sustainability assessment, which reveals the areas of development that have the most impact on the environment.

"We are involved in the development of the project's environmental impact assessment method. The developed method will be utilised in the assessment of measures promoting the prevention or recycling of plastic waste in the project,” says Mika Horttanainen.

The work carried out in the project enables a transition towards recycling and optimisation of the material chain, and promotes the security of supply of raw materials by minimising the loss of virgin resources.

“Side streams from construction and demolition waste operations can be used to produce new products that can be used in several sectors. In addition, this fundamental change can create a foundation for completely new business activities,” says Professor Timo Kärki from the University of Lappeenranta.

More information on the role of the LUT University in the PlastLIFE project

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  • Associate Professor Jouni Havukainen,
  • Mika Horttanainen,
  • Timo Kärki, timo.karki@lut.f
  • Marko Hyvärinen,
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