Muovipoli helps companies with bio-based and recycled plastic innovations and promotes networking

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Execution time 2023-2025 (2029)

Muovipoli is a development and research company specialising in plastics established in 1998 by industry companies, research institutes and other organisations.

The Plastics Roadmap highlighted the need for Finland’s New Plastics knowledge network to increase companies’ material expertise, to strengthen the value chains of and research on plastics recycling and to disseminate information on traditional bio-based and recycled plastic options replacing fossil-based plastics.

In 2019, Muovipoli launched the operation of the New Plastics Center NPC knowledge network in cooperation with the Finnish Plastics Industries Federation and other operators to strengthen expertise in bio-based and recycled plastics and related research and development activities. In 2020, the network published a bioplastics guide to clarify the terminology related to bioplastics and to provide information on the current state and future prospects of bioplastics. It has also organised seminars and events in the sector.

In the PlastLIFE project, we continue to develop the NPC knowledge network and help companies promote bio-based and recycled plastic innovations and networking, supporting the goals of the Plastics Roadmap 2.0. Our sub-project consists of three areas:

  1. Development of the NPC knowledge network. The network consists of companies, research institutes, public operators and partners of the Plastics Roadmap. The aim is to increase cooperation for the purpose of developing new, sustainable market- and research-based material and product innovations. In addition to events and seminars, the work package includes defining the contents of the innovation toolkit, which Aalto University is developing for use by companies and the network in the project.
  2. Activation of new RDI processes and development of the value chain. In this phase, new innovation processes aimed at the use of bio-based and recycled materials will be activated. The aim is to activate processes and related value chains of companies of different sizes, for example, by utilising the developed innovation toolkit.
  3. Development and piloting of the Sustainable Material Clinic concept. The purpose of the service model is to produce and disseminate information on bio-based and recycled plastics and composites, as well as their properties, processing and recovery possibilities, particularly to companies, designers and RDI personnel. This phase includes:
  • Defining the service concept and its content
  • Concept development and piloting
  • Defining the business model

Syke will also participate in the development of the model, particularly with regard to material risk assessments.

More information on the role of Muovipoli in the PlastLIFE project

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