LAB University of Applied Sciences intensifies regional cooperation and education in the plastics sector

Execution time 2023-2029

LAB University of Applied Sciences is a higher education institution specialising in innovation for working life, which operates on three campuses: Lahti, Lappeenranta and online. LAB University of Applied Sciences participates in the PlastLIFE project with various measures.

One of the main themes is to enhance cooperation between local plastics sector operators by building a regional plastics cluster in the Päijät-Häme and South Karelia regions. The task is to enhance cooperation on plastics in the regions and to develop the region’s expertise in the field of plastics recycling.

We encourage the industry sector to participate in the project to ensure that it can quickly obtain up-to-date information on the technical and legislative factors affecting plastics recycling. An important theme is to assist stakeholders in the development of a value chain, where

  • the value of recycled material is kept as high as possible,
  • plastic waste is reduced, and
  • environmental pollution is, thus, prevented.

We will organise various workshops and seminars on topical issues for our stakeholders.

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Competitiveness through investment in education and training

We will also produce learning materials and courses for both the industry sector and students. The objective of education and learning materials is to produce competence and experts for the sector, thus creating improved competitiveness and future professionals for an industry going through a transition.

In addition, we will develop plastics recycling. LAB University of Applied Sciences has comprehensive equipment for manufacturing and testing plastic products. In the project, we will participate in both chemical and mechanical recycling of plastics together with other project partners.

The aim is to analyse and process plastic fractions collected from at least 12 different sources. We will examine and investigate the processability and suitability of the plastics for both mechanical and chemical recycling. We will publish several scientific publications on the results of the recycling experiments during the project.

More information on the role of the LAB University of Applied Sciences in the PlastLIFE project

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