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Muoviroskaan puettu nainen
Syke on the Plastics Roadmap for five years 2023-06-02
Congratulations to the Plastics Roadmap for Finland for five years of work to achieve a breakthrough in the circular economy of plastics!
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CircBrief: Towards a sustainable circular economy for plastics 2023-05-22
Plastic waste is a valuable material that retains its value when recycled. How can the leaking cycles of plastics be closed?
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Circular economy for plastics in Finland means a plastics responsible society 2023-04-06
The proper sorting of plastics, recycling options, reuse and recycling-friendly product design, and the prevention of litter are examples that we want to affect to get the circular economy for plastics operating sustainably in Finland. This is the aim of the PlastLIFE project that extends through 2030.
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Why are we falling behind on the recycling targets for plastics − Muoviavain project focuses on the key questions of plastics recycling 2023-04-05
Recycling of plastics play a key role in a functioning Circular Economy of plastics. Finland is, however, falling behind on its recycling targets for plastics and today they are recycled in insufficient volumes.
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More news

Database of impressive solutions – Sustainability Leap service

Check out this database, share your own solutions and help push Finland to the top in mitigating climate change, building a circular economy and protecting our biodiversity.

Successes of Finland's waste management

High-quality waste management solutions are prerequisite for preserving a safe and clean living environment. The new video represents successes of Finland's waste management.

Circblog – A greener future is already being built

The real estate sector plays an important role in mitigating climate change and in the responsible use of natural resources. Buildings use almost 40 per cent of all energy consumed in Finland and are the cause of more than 30 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Good news from Finland

Recycled furniture saved over 70,000 kilos of natural resources in a school in Lahti 2022-03-07
The circular economy is part of the City of Lahti's strategy and procurement programme. In 2020, the city signed a framework contract for recycled furniture with three suppliers: OffiStore, Martela and Pa-Ri Materia. At the same time, a framework contract for new furniture is also in place.
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Children and young people practise circular economy in schools in Riihimäki 2021-11-29
The circular economy is one of the city's key projects, and since 2019, every school in the municipality has had a person responsible for circular economy issues. Circular economy curricula have also been developed for primary and secondary schools.
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Hospital project redesign of waste management concept in cooperation with personnel 2021-11-16
The aim was to build on the experience of the old hospital and develop an integrated waste management concept for the new hospital, where waste sorting would be as simple and uniform as possible from the user's point of view.
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Salpakierto's service experiment reduced the amount of biowaste in mixed waste 2021-11-03
Salpakierto Oy provides municipal waste management services, such as waste collection and treatment, in the Lahti region in accordance with the Waste Act. In autumn 2020, a pilot project for the collection of biowaste was launched in Lahti with a derogation.
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More regional news

A showcase of circular economy expertise – get to know the pilot projects!

Almost 20 pilot projects of Circwaste will produce concrete results . The pilot projects are focused on the regions of North Karelia, Central Finland, South Karelia and Southwest Finland.

Copy and recycle the best ideas
 Finland as a forerunner in circular economy
Let's take a leap in material efficiency and recycling
A showcase of expertise

We have made a seven years deal to show, how to do things differently. Circular economy brings new business opportunities and saves natural resources.

Circular economy equals smart actions and is a part of the everyday life of all municipal residents. Ten Finnish pioneering municipalities have committed themselves to promoting circular economy in an ambitious and concrete way.

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