Unlocking plastics recycling, reuse, business and product development - Annual Event of the PlastLIFE project for sustainable circular economy of plastics 2024-06-17
Welcome to the annual seminar of the PlastLIFE project on the 20th of November 2024. The seminar will be held in Kilta-sali (Lapinrinne 1, 00180 Helsinki) near the center of Helsinki and with remote participation possible.
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Muovitunnelissa viljeltäviä viherkasvirivistöjä ja katemuovia
How to reduce the use of fossil-based raw materials in plastics 2024-05-30
A liquid biodegradable mulch is being tested as a replacement for plastic mulch.
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Kuvassa jätteitä liukuhihnalla.
Could sorting mixed waste at facilities increase the recycling rate? 2024-05-28
Finland is significantly behind the EU's recycling targets for municipal waste and plastic packaging waste, and there is a need for new solutions to increase recycling.
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korvasuppilo koirien korvien tutkimiseen
Converting plastic industry side stream into a new product 2024-05-16
The first pilot product was chosen to be an ear speculum designed for animals, especially dogs.
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People gathered in line in a park, a pile of pink trash bags in the middle.
Pick Up Litter on Your Way – Yle's Million Trash Bags Returns 2024-04-26
PlastLIFE promotes a sustainable relationship with plastic, encourages recycling of plastic waste, and mobilizes its project partners to collect litter.
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CircBrief: A circular economy road map makes sense 2024-02-16
This CircBrief presents the views of municipal and regional road map creators concerning road maps to a circular economy and experiences of preparing them.
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