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Vantaa is the fourth largest city in Finland. The location along important routes, the constantly-improving railway links and the international Helsinki Airport make Vantaa a wholly unique city. Vantaa is committed to national and international climate programs, and resource wisdom and the circular economy are part of the city’s strategy.

What has already been done in Vantaa to promote the circular economy?

Yhteinen pöytä (Shared Table) is a new kind of food aid concept, which operates online. Yhteinen pöytä provides a centralized logistical service for food aid arrangements. In addition to organizing the transportation of surplus food, it is even more important to foster an online network to come up with ideas to facilitate related communal efforts. Yhteinen pöytä does not organize food distribution or breadlines.

The usage of demolished concrete has increased and become fairly commonplace in infrastructure construction. It is used in street structures, repairs of building elevations and the green landscaping.

Ekomo is a resource-efficient cluster established by HSY, within which companies engage in circular economy cooperation with HSY and each other. Ekomo offers a development platform for industrial symbioses, such as the utilization of waste and renewable energy.

Goals as a pioneering municipality

Vantaa wants to be known as a city that invests in the construction of ecological infrastructure. Vantaa is a rapidly-growing city with plenty of construction activity. In addition to the construction of new buildings, many properties are being demolished. Vantaa wants to promote the creation of a local circular economy cluster with HSY and network with other circular economy operators.

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