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Lappeenranta is an internationally-renowned university city in Southeast Finland by Lake Saimaa. The city promotes sustainable development, the circular economy and renewable energy with a focus on action and results. Carbon neutrality, elimination of waste and clean water are the city’s strategic goals in terms of green growth. The city has created an active environmental network called Greenreality Network.

What has already been done in Lappeenranta to promote the circular economy?

Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) has developed waste-to-product technology, and a facility which is operated by Wimao Oy and creates composite products from waste was constructed in the Kukkuroinmäki district.

In terms of waste management, the city employs a regionally centralized solution through which municipal waste is collected and utilized efficiently. The city has begun to streamline its vehicle fleet through the introduction of shared use trials and procurement principles that favor renewable energy.

LUT and the City of Lappeenranta will be launching the first Junior University in Finland. The purpose of the collaboration is boost interest in mathematics and sciences among children and young people, educate them with regard to sustainable development, renewable energy and the circular economy, and introduce them to business through company visits.

Goals as a pioneering municipality

The circular economy is a key part of the city’s Greenreality strategy, which aims to shape the city into a resource-conscious pioneer and hub of growing energy-related and environmental business. We are using the side streams of the forest and mining industry to develop new recycled raw materials to replace concrete. We are piloting products by means of 3D printing. We are preparing a circular economy roadmap.

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