Syke on the Plastics Roadmap for five years

News 2023-06-02 at 9:15

Congratulations to the Plastics Roadmap for Finland for five years of work to achieve a breakthrough in the circular economy of plastics! The Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) has been involved in the implementation of the Plastics Roadmap guided by the Ministry of the Environment from the beginning. Now the PlastLIFE project led by Syke promotes its goals with great force: reduce and refuse, recycle and replace.

For five years, the Plastics Roadmap for Finland has guided Finland on the road to a sustainable circular economy of plastics. Funded by the EU and coordinated by Syke, PlastLIFE is a joint national project of 17 patners to promote the objectives of the Plastics Roadmap for reducing and avoiding unnecessary plastic consumption, recycling plastics and replacing fossil raw materials in manufacturing.

The work of the Ministry, organisations, companies, cities, research institutes and higher education institutions involved in PlastLIFE focuses on different areas of the circular economy of plastics. This work and the stakeholder cooperation carried out in the project - discussions in the transition arena - will develop and implement the Plastics Roadmap.

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