Converting plastic industry side stream into a new product

News 2024-05-16 at 15:05

Plastic industry side stream was used as raw materials for a new plastic product, thereby increasing the utilization of surplus materials. The first pilot product was chosen to be an ear speculum designed for animals, especially dogs, and created under the PlastLIFE project.

Ear Speculum for dogs
The developed product is a plastic speculum used by veterinarians to examine the ear canals of dogs. It is made from raw materials left over from plastic molding processes. © Photo: Plastone

Unused Plastic Collected and Repurposed

The contract plastic manufacturer Plastone Oy, as part of the PlastLIFE project, has been investigating the collection and utilization of plastic industry side streams on an industrial scale, and has designed, manufactured, and launched a new product on the market.

"There is demand for high-quality, sustainably produced, and durable ear speculum," says Jari Vuorinen from Plastone.

Side streams have been collected from nearby manufacturers, with a clear understanding of their composition. This ensures the high quality of the raw materials used in ear speculum production. The collected plastic pieces are ground into small fragments, remelted, and used to produce new products. This approach increases the efficiency of raw material utilization and reduces the need for virgin fossil-based raw materials.

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