CircBrief: Towards a sustainable circular economy for plastics

News 2023-05-22 at 9:47

Due to their useful properties, plastics are utilised for many purposes modern-day society. Plastics are durable and lightweight and can be adapted for many different uses. However, the large quantities of plastics produced have caused littering and other problems that are now being tackled through attempts to develop a circular economy for plastics.

How can the leaking cycles of plastics be closed?

To close plastic cycles, we need product design that enables repair and recycling, reduction of consumption and disposables, reuse of products, efficient recycling of materials and measures to prevent plastics from entering the environment. In addition, additives used in plastics which are harmful to humans and the environment must be taken into account and, where necessary, removed from the cycle.

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  • Senior research scientist Helena Dahlbo, Finnish Environment Institute,
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