CircBrief: The pioneer municipalities are masters of reuse

News 2023-10-25 at 13:57
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Reuse is often a better option than material recycling. Reuse solutions encompass all measures that extend the lifecycle of products: maintenance, repair, refurbishment, updating, selling used items, manufacturing recycled products, and related services.

  • Reuse is a key aspect of a carbon-neutral circular economy. By extending the life cycles of products and goods, the natural resources we utilize remain in use, reducing the need for consuming virgin natural resources. Thus, reuse effectively reduces environmental impact.
  • Organizing reuse promotes economic and social equality by offering a variety of jobs and learning opportunities, as well as quality used goods at a lower cost.
  • Pioneer municipalities that are actively building a better future for their residents play a strong role in providing reuse opportunities to their residents.
  • A responsible municipality sets an example by acquiring used items or repairing and refurbishing items in its own properties.
  • The potentials of reuse are linked to achieving climate goals, emissions savings, employment, opportunities for volunteering and participation, economic equality, as well as solutions for sustainable economy and business. Every municipality should invest in these matters!

CircBrief: The pioneer municipalities are masters of reuse

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