Resource-wise public procurement requires stronger resources 2019-08-16
Public procurements help facilitate circularity and create safer living environments. The state of public procurement has been assessed with a number of surveys, the results of which keep highlighting the same themes: lack of resources and information.
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Hazardous substances now on everyone’s lips 2019-08-14
The circular economy is currently a hot topic in Finland. One of the objectives of the recently published Government Programme is to strengthen Finland’s role as a circular economy pioneer. From the perspective of the risks associated with chemicals and hazardous substances, circular economy solutions present both opportunities and risks.
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VTT sellupakkaus
The environmental impact of plastic packaging can be halved in the next ten years 2019-08-14
According to VTT, halving the environmental impact of plastic in the next ten years is possible by improving plastic recycling, replacing plastics with renewable materials and changing consumption habits.
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Surplus food supermarket WeFood granted the CIRCWASTE award for promoting circular economy 2019-07-15
The WeFood surplus food supermarket has been granted the first ever CIRCWASTE award for promoting circular economy. WeFood, the first surplus food supermarket in Finland, opened at the REDI shopping centre in Helsinki in September 2018.
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Textile recycling plays a significant role in the mitigation of climate change 2019-07-12
A textile-themed webinar organised by the Circwaste project discussed the current state and future views of textile recycling in Finland. The theme is quite topical, because the change in the EU’s Waste Framework Directive requires the member countries to organise a separate collection of textile waste by 2025.
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Leyla Acaroglu
The Circular Classroom raises a generation of circular economy natives 2019-09-03
The Circular Classroom programme encourages teachers and students to participate in circular economy and plan a positive change. The programme allows everyone to get to know change-makers around them and to take action in their everyday lives and communities.
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