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Circular economy competition recognises Circwaste municipalities 2018-05-31
The Circwaste forerunner municipalities Kuopio, Porvoo and Circwaste partner municipality Pori were recognised in a competition organised by Sitra and the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities. The competition was looking for the most interesting municipal circular economy solutions. The forerunner municipalities of Rovaniemi, Turku and Jyväskylä received honourable mention in the competition.
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Helena Dahlbo, SYKE: Better recycling helps mitigate the problems with plastics 2018-01-19
Plastics are pointed out as the main culprit, something to be urgently eliminated. But is it really the materials that are at fault? And what can we do, writes senior research scientist Helena Dahlbo from Finnish Environment Institute.
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Jyväskylä seminar brings together regional circular economy experts 2018-05-31
Smart waste bins, turning sludge components into mobile phones, a waste-stingy hospital, using scavengers to recover gold – on 7 February an audience of nearly 100 took part in the Central Finland towards circular economy 2018 seminar held at Jyväskylä City Hall. They shared the latest circular economy news in the region.
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Länsi-Pori School studies food waste 2018-05-31
The red and white screen beside the school’s biowaste container first shows 50 grams, and then changes to 2.1 kilograms. A student at Länsi-Pori School has just found out how much food he/she threw away and how much food in total was disposed of during that day’s school meal.
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