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Surplus food supermarket WeFood granted the CIRCWASTE award for promoting circular economy 2019-07-15
The WeFood surplus food supermarket has been granted the first ever CIRCWASTE award for promoting circular economy. WeFood, the first surplus food supermarket in Finland, opened at the REDI shopping centre in Helsinki in September 2018.
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Textile recycling plays a significant role in the mitigation of climate change 2019-07-12
A textile-themed webinar organised by the Circwaste project discussed the current state and future views of textile recycling in Finland. The theme is quite topical, because the change in the EU’s Waste Framework Directive requires the member countries to organise a separate collection of textile waste by 2025.
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Action taken in Southwest Finland to reduce food wastage 2019-07-19
In Southwest Finland, the problem of food wastage is being tackled by creating a roadmap for reducing food wastage throughout the food supply chain from food production to the plate of the consumer.
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Central Finland’s Nova hospital to pioneer in resource-efficiency 2019-07-16
In 2020, the new Nova hospital will be completed in Kukkumäki, Jyväskylä. The hospital will minimise the amount of waste through modern waste management systems and rational use of resources.
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