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Resource-wise public procurement requires stronger resources 2019-08-16
Public procurements help facilitate circularity and create safer living environments. The state of public procurement has been assessed with a number of surveys, the results of which keep highlighting the same themes: lack of resources and information.
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Hazardous substances now on everyone’s lips 2019-08-14
The circular economy is currently a hot topic in Finland. One of the objectives of the recently published Government Programme is to strengthen Finland’s role as a circular economy pioneer. From the perspective of the risks associated with chemicals and hazardous substances, circular economy solutions present both opportunities and risks.
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Mayor Pekka Timonen
Lahti becomes the European Green Capital in 2021 2019-08-16
The City of Lahti is a Circwaste pioneering municipality and a FISU-municipality and now it is the first Finnish city to be appointed as the European Green Capital.
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Action taken in Southwest Finland to reduce food wastage 2019-09-09
In Southwest Finland, the problem of food wastage is being tackled by creating a roadmap for reducing food wastage throughout the food supply chain from food production to the plate of the consumer.
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