Utilizing industrial waste and soil in road construction

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Ramboll is developing and testing the use of secondary materials generated by the industry in earthworks. Secondary materials are being utilized in road structures by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and ELY Centers.

With regard to road construction, the aim is to promote the use of surplus soil and minimize the transportation of construction materials. The project will test equipment technology and construction with new materials. Guidelines on best practices will be prepared, based on the experiences.

Some of the measures encompassed by the subproject

  • Testing of available potential secondary materials in terms of technical and environmental viability
  • Development of binding agent recipes that utilize secondary materials (such as ash)
  • Mass stabilization with soft-soil materials and surplus soil, using new binding agents
  • Simplified life cycle/life cycle cost calculations
  • Development of dimensioning methods for secondary materials
  • Development of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s current planning and procurement processes

The project is strongly connected to the goals of the UUMA2(3) program.


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More information

  • Project Manager Tuomas Suikkanen, firstname.lastname@ramboll.fi, Environmental Geotechnics R&D, Ramboll

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