Peittoo Recycling Park – a test environment for productizing industrial side streams

Peittoo Recycling Park. © Prizztech Oy

The City of Pori and Prizztech Oy, a business development company for the Satakunta region, are charting the unutilized side streams in industry and construction and identifying viable uses for them. The project places special emphasis on trials that can be conducted at the Peittoo Recycling Park in Pori.

The Peittoo Recycling Park will become a node for processing, storing and utilizing waste, where material streams from a wide area converge. It will also produce new raw materials and renewable energy. The aim is to use a variety of practical trials to reduce waste and create new business opportunities.

Magnet scrap drives new motors

The project will be carrying out an industrial trial related to recycling magnet scrap and finding methods to separate magnets from other scrap. The goal is for the Peittoo area is to be eventually used as an intermediate storage and processing area for magnet materials.

Magnets in scrap metal contain valuable rare-earth metals. Materials extracted from used magnets could be used to replace some of the virgin raw materials being imported to Europe. The raw materials from magnets removed from discontinued motors can be reused in the magnets of electric car motors and wind turbines, for example. This conserves natural resources.

Using foundry industry by-products for earthworks

Prizztech Oy has completed a field trial promoting the utilisation of side streams in the foundry industry at the Peittoo Recycling Park. Surplus foundry sand and dust mixed with crushed concrete and moraine from the production processes of the Pori foundry of Componenta Finland Oy (now Componenta Castings Oy) was used for the test fields. The field test demonstrated that, used this way, no harmful substances are released into the environment from foundry sand and foundry dust. This facilitates their use in material handling field structures in both the Peittoo area and other similar areas. The reuse of industrial side streams reduces both the amount of waste going to landfill and the need for virgin materials. The report on the preliminary survey, field construction and structure monitoring prior to the experimental field construction is available down below:

The project is being carried out by the City of Pori and Prizztech Oy.

Use of ash grain in fairway construction

During the construction of the Söörmarku junction in Pori, the technical characteristics of Ecolan Oy's ash grain were tested in 2018–2019. Preparation of the test structure was carried out as part of the Circwaste project and the Peittoo area was used for intermediate storage of the material. The raw material used for the ash gain was fly ash and bottom ash produced by the Finnish energy industry.
The main contribution of the project is the technical comparative information on how ash grain behaves in both machining and structures in comparison with virgin natural materials. This promotes the awareness and use of secondary materials and the wider use of ash in civil engineering. The increased use of ash grain reduces the need for virgin rock and promotes recycling of power plant ash. The project also produced valuable information about the process of productisation of recycled materials, which can easily be modelled for other similar needs. Download the report here (

New business in demolition materials

Prizztech Oy has investigated business opportunities related to construction products recovered during the demolition of buildings and the recycling of demolition waste. The purpose of the study is to demonstrate that under certain conditions it is commercially viable to re-use construction products and parts removed from demolition sites. Learn more about the report here (


  • 11/2016–09/2021

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  • Project Manager Sami Leppimäki,, Prizztech Oy

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