Resource-efficient operating model for a hospital

Hospital Nova, illustration. © JKMM Arkkitehdit Oy

A new hospital called Nova will be completed in the Kukkumäki district of Jyväskylä in 2020. Minimizing waste generation has been a key objective starting from the planning phases.

Upon its completion, the new hospital will replace the nine units of the current Central Finland Central Hospital with one resource-efficient building. The designers will implement a variety of solutions to ensure that the hospital generates as little waste as possible.

Minimizing drug loss with a smart storeroom

Reduction goals specific to each waste fraction will be set for the hospital, and efforts will be made to minimize drug loss. The building will not include a central storeroom. Instead the supplies needed will be ordered directly to each department by using an up-to-date computerized inventory system. The system is always aware of the inventory status, which eliminates the need for unnecessary purchases. This yields material and cost savings as well as reduces waste generation.

The project will identify the current waste volumes of the Hospital District of Central Finland and develop new methods to collect, sort and transport waste. For the purpose of waste management, a monitoring system and indicators for waste generation will be developed for the hospital.


  • 1/2018–3/2021

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