Increased efficiency for the utilization of regional waste streams

Biogas bus © City of Jyväskylä

The Regional Council of Central Finland promotes the recycling and reuse of waste in the region. One of the focus areas of the subproject is promoting the production and use of biogas.

Among other things, the project has examined the composition of mixed waste generated by households in Central Finland. The aim is to minimize the number of reusable waste fractions that end up in mixed waste.

Sustainable transport with biogas

The production and use of biogas, especially for transport purpose, is gaining traction in Central Finland. The network of biogas fueling stations has been expanded by Mustankorkea Oy and Gasum Oy. The goal is to have 5,000 biogas-driven passenger cars in Central Finland by the end of the project. In addition to this, heavy traffic could use biogas much more than at present.

Communications and announcements related to biogas are posted on the Biokaasu Keski-Suomi Facebook page (in Finnish).

The biogas subproject is moving steadily towards its goals. The biogas production target is 50 GWh and, according to the biogas survey completed in early 2021, biogas production in Central Finland is already close to 50 GWh. The subproject also set a target of 15 GWh for the use of biogas in transport. Currently, transport use is around 10 GWh.  

In addition, the subproject has produced information on biogas for both consumers and public actors. Biogas information and expertise have been communicated at various events, in the media and in social media. 

Workshops and surveys 

The subproject has also organised several events and carried out surveys on regional waste flows. Surveys have been carried out on topics such as the composition of household mixed waste and the effects of supplementing the separate collection of plastic packaging. The project studied the composition of household mixed waste for the first time in 2017, attracting plenty of interest locally and in the media. The next composition survey will be carried out in summer 2021. The plastic survey provided interesting results on the climate and economic impact of complementing separate collection. The study was followed by the “Muovin elämää” (Life of plastic) seminar. The events of the subproject also concerned topics such as construction waste, recycling logistics pallet and biogas. 

Link to the survey “Muovipakkausten erilliskeräyksen täydentäminen Keski-Suomen alueella: Ilmastonlämpenemisvaikutukset ja kustannukset” (Complementing the separate collection of plastic packaging in the Central Finland region: Climate change impacts and costs).

Link to the compositional study of mixed waste in Central Finland.

The project is also partially funded by Mustankorkea Oy, Sammakkokangas Oy and Gasum Oy.

Subproject schedule

  • 2016–2023

More information

  • Outi Pakarinen, Project Manager,, Twitter: @Outi_Pakarinen
  • Enni Huotari, Project worker,
  • Hannu Koponen, Development Manager,, Twitter: @HTKoponen
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