Added intelligence to waste management in Kangas, Jyväskylä

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Kangas is the City of Jyväskylä’s most important regional development project – a former paper mill which is to be transformed into a smart district of the future with opportunities for living, working, studying and simply enjoying yourself. New waste management solutions in which environmental goals are supported by modern technology are being tested in the Kangas district. At the same time, the communications and logistics of waste management are being pushed forward.

A tweeting garbage can encourage sorting

Waste management in the Kangas district is based on regional deep collection. The waste containers will feature smart locking mechanisms that enable monitoring the apartment-specific use of waste containers and the fullness of the containers. The new system will encourage residents to reduce the amount of waste and sort more efficiently. Waste containers can even be equipped with tweeting capabilities to indicate that they are full.

Over the course of the project, a waste volume measurement method will be developed, along with an invoicing system based on the waste amounts produced. At least the invoicing of mixed and organic waste could be based on the number of visits to the waste container. The new invoicing schemes will be tested through gamification.

In the planning and implementation of the Kangas district, old ideas will be pushed aside to make way for new ideas and smart solutions, without neglecting the fascinating history of the area. In 2040, Kangas is expected to provide a home for more than 5,000 residents and a workplace for 2,100 people.


  •  2016–2023

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