Converting vegetable loss into quality products

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Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is testing and developing a variety of methods for reducing vegetable loss. The Institute also aims to develop methods for utilizing by-products generated during vegetable processing.

The project efforts involve identifying vegetable by-product volumes and the opportunities for utilizing them in the food industry and as animal feed. Another goal is to reduce the proportion of worthless by-products. Those involved with the project are working to find the best solutions for the storage and further processing of by-products in a way that meets the end users’ criteria.

Added value for plant-based by-products

Attempts are being made to bring added value to plant-based by-products through further processing. These preparatory measures can include removing excess waste, fat, protein or fiber or enriching these nutrients. Preparation can also reduce the mass volume to be transported, which reduces overall costs and deterioration in transit.


  •  2017–9/2021

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  • Senior Scientist Juha-Matti Katajajuuri, Luke,
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