A mobile application encouraged students to recycle in Kuopio

News 2019-02-08 at 12:23
Ketun kierrätys 285

Ketun kierrätys (‘The Fox’s recycling’) mobile game inspired students to sort waste and recycle. In particular, the game boosted the recycling of biowaste and plastic during the pilot implemented in Kuopio.

Before the game was introduced, 76% of the survey respondents recycled their biowaste, while since the pilot this number has climbed up to 97%. Plastic recycling also increased thanks to the game. Before the game, only 25% of participants recycled their plastic containers and since the pilot, this number has gone up to 84%.

The game made the students think about their recycling habits. One of the survey respondents stated: “It made me more aware of the amount of waste I generate and how I can improve my recycling habits.”

Competing and a recycling diary inspired the students

Ketun kierrätys is a communal mobile game that encourages the players to review their own recycling habits, and where the players compete against each other over the quality and amount of their recycling. The game was tested in the student buildings of Kuopio Student Housing Company in Puijonlaakso for three months.

The tenants used the game to keep track of their recycling. The game also gave them tips for sorting waste. The players collected points from recycling, and the 20 most diligent recyclers were rewarded every two weeks. The winners could choose a €10 public transport, sports or culture voucher as their reward.

Nearly 90% of the 250 tenants in the target area downloaded the application. The application had about 30 users every day.

The mobile game was designed during a 48-hour 3R Game Jam event in August.

The pilot was implemented by Savilahti-project (SMARA) and KierRe project (‘Implementation of circular economy and resource smartness in Northern Savonia’) in cooperation with Jätekukko waste management company, Kuopio Student Housing Company and Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

Kuopio is one of the forerunner municipalities of the Circwaste project (LIFE15 IPE FI 004). The forerunner municipalities promote efficient use of material flows, waste prevention and new waste and resource management concepts.

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Project Manager Retu Ylinen, City of Kuopio