At the leading edge of Circular economy

News 2017-06-02 at 13:14

“Finland wishes to be the leader in circular economy by 2025. Real-life measures have been in demand to support discussion and visions, and the Circwaste project addresses this demand.

Plenty has happened since the European Commission's LIFE programme at the end of 2016 granted nearly €12 million for implementing the goals of the national waste plan and promoting circular economy.  New solutions are constantly needed so that we can meet the challenges of waste legislation and business.

Long-term funding makes it possible for Finland to attain identifiable change. During seven years, Finland not only can reach the goals set for waste management but also profile herself as an international pioneer in circular economy and strengthen the competitiveness of the economy.

The 20 partners of the project each for their part have started sub-projects that seek operating models that reduce waste, design new waste management and sorting equipment, conceptualise new products from recycled raw materials, develop new food services and utilise smart solutions for optimising storage, collection and expenses. In addition, training is arranged, collaboration networks are created and best practices are collected.

The trial areas are the core regions of the project: Pori Region, Southwest Finland, Central Finland, North Karelia and South Karelia. However, the aim is to also promote good work done elsewhere in Finland in the fields of waste and environmental management. Best practices are collected all over Finland.

The work done in the sub-projects is supported by a specialist network formed by SYKE and Motiva, the Circular Economy Service Centre. It works as a support for collaboration groups comprising operators in the field to start regional processes and collaboration networks. Attaining change requires collaboration, commitment and common goals, and Circwaste provides the national collaboration platform for attaining the goals of circular economy.

It is with pride that we try out and spread best practices throughout Finland and elsewhere in the EU. Welcome on board!”

Tuuli Myllymaa

Head of Unit, Management of Waste,
Finnish Environment Institute SYKE