Logo and materials

Communication materials of the CIRCWASTE project

Here you can find the collection of our communication channels and materials in English. More materials in Finnish and Swedish here.



CIRCWASTE Twitter account (mainly in Finnish, partly in English)


Resurssiviisaus Facebook group (in Finnish)


Articles and press releases (mainly in Finnish)


CIRCWASTE brochure in English (pdf) (n. 1 MB)

CIRCWASTE magazine

You can read the CIRCWASTE magazine in English here.

CIRCWASTE magazine in English (pdf) (n. 4 MB)

Animation video

CIRCWASTE animation video on Youtube


Power Point presentation of CIRCWASTE project


CIRCWASTE logo small (jpg) (400x159 px)

CIRCWASTE logo (jpg) (2334x932 px)

CIRCWASTE logo and LIFE programme logo (jpg) (1948x559 px)

CIRCWASTE-logo (pdf)

LIFE programme logo

The logo of the European Union LIFE Programme should be used in all communication materials of the CIRCWASTE project along with the project code LIFE 15 IPE FI 004. In addition, you can mention that the project gets a large share of its funding from the European Union LIFE Programme. The LIFE logo can be downloaded in different formats here.

LIFE programme logo and code of the CIRCWASTE project (png) (371x323 px)

Visual identity

Visual identity of the CIRCWASTE project (pdf) (n. 7 MB)

Graphic materials for print and page layout

Please, contact the project team for full package of visual materials regarding the CIRCWASTE project.


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